Funbox Magnetic Puzzle-early education

2021-07-27 345
Stimulate children's imagination & creativity, improve concentration. 3~6 years old is the best time to stimulate children's imagination, creativity, and improve concentration. The magnetic play aid
Product details

FUNBOX magnetic puzzle is to bring engaging and interactive science, magic, math and geography toys to children everywhere. We strive to bring a variety of toys and entertaining games that help children Learn academic and life skills so that they can Climb to ever greater heights and achieve their goals.We also strive to bring affordable learning toys and entertainment options for families of all sizes and backgrounds.Our premium quality magnetic puzzles are designed to be reusable high quality toys that your children can use to continually learn the world geography as well as math and others.

Help foster a love of geography and trivia by giving your kids the opportunity to memorize and learn facts while having fun in the comfort of their own home.

The world map is full color and features extra details like animals, buildings and plants from specific countries. The high
quality magnetic puzzle pieces will take time for your child to memorize and learn completely. Teach the special child in your life how rewarding it is to learn and master a new skill in a way that turns learning into play and fun!

Help us teach this generation of kids that learning is fun while empowering kids everywhere to climb to new heights and a brighter future.

1. GEOGRAPHY IS FUN - Teach your children about the world geography. Each country shaped piece fits magnetically to its spot on
the paper with the matching state name.
2. CONVENIENT CARRY BOX– We've included nice box to fit everything for each puzzle. You can travel with them easily.
3. AGES 3 & UP - Our world map puzzle pieces are designed for children ages 3 and up. Kids can still learn the shapes of
countries and practice fine motor skills even if they're unable to read the world map puzzle's content.
4. EDUCATIONAL TOY GIFT - Kids can also practice memorization and shape matching all while having fun!