Children's good habits develop magnetic wall stickers

2021-07-27 365
Material: Magnetic Size: 680*50(mm) Weight: 1.1kg packing: 18pcs/carton
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DipperDipperDipperDipperDipperDipper1. Put the cards of good habits that the baby needs to develop in the near future in the behavior habit area on the left;

2. Put a star if your kids meet the requirements, record the number of stars obtained by the habit once a week, and write it in corresponding position;

3. A monthly summary is made. Above 25pcs of stars, it is excellent. Place the card for the behavior habit in the developed area below; 20 ~ 24 stars, it may be considered; if below 20 stars, unqualified and continue to work hard;

4. Rewards and punishments must be agreed in advance and executed in strict accordance with them. Both parties must not break their words.